My name is Dean Morris, I am 14 years old. 
Four years ago, I started a campaign called GOSAC which stands for Give Our Strays A Chance.
It is about raising awareness of adopting and donating to animal shelters.
I am raising donations for shelters in Perth.

GOSAC has truly made a difference. Many poor strays have been saved and thousands of dollars were raised to pay for vet, food, beds etc. 
GOSAC really saves lives!!! Help me help the animals!!

I dedicate my time to volunteering. 
I am only a kid but I would love to make a difference in the world. 

In 2018 I will be going to remote villages in Mongolia as part of World Challenge organisation. I will be helping communities in need with much needed projects such as building or renovating orphanages and schools. 

I am an aviation student. I am learning to fly airplanes and I love all things space. 
I received a full scholarship to NASA’s Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama. It is an astronaut training for kids. You can read about my adventure in my blog:

I received the Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award (demonstrating leadership, community service, skills and adventure) and I belong to the Australian Air Force Air Cadets.

Playing the guitar and clarinet, I am part of the music program at my school. 

Having been the head boy of my primary school, I am currently in the leadership program at my high school where I present assemblies etc. 

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