» Adopting A Stray

Thinking of adopting a stray? This is for you!

I decided that I want to adopt – what do I do first?

Rescuing a stray is so rewarding. How do you find them?

  • Contact or Visit your local shelter or pound. 
  • Visit https://www.petrescue.com.au/ many shelters advertise their strays here, you get a brief description and information about the animals.

Most shelters will give you a trial time to get used to the animal and to make sure it all works out for the both of you.

What to look for when you choose a stray to adopt?

  • Make sure to ask about the temperament of the animal. Is calm? high energy? Barks alot? Does it need a lot of attention?
  • Consider if the pet is suitable for your situation. Is it good with kids? does it get along with other animals? How old is it? Does it need training?  How much exercise does it need? Does it shed? Is anyone in the family allergic? 

How to prepare for the adoption?

  • You have to make sure your home is suitable for caring for an animal. Make sure your yards are fenced off. Are there any dangerous plants in your garden? Where will it sleep? Most shelters ask that the animal sleeps inside. 
  • Prepare a pet bed, water and food bowls, toys, lead, car harness, carry cage (if a cat/rabbit) and lots of love!!
    A pet has feelings and usually if neglected will be very insecure and scared in their new home. 
  • Read about the breed or kind of animal that you choose. What are they allowed to eat? What is poisonous? What do they like?

Now that I adopted, what do I do?

  • Vaccination, desexing, microchipping and flea treatment are all a must. Most shelters will include this in their adoption fee. 
  • Pet insurance. If you can’t afford taking care of an animal when it is sick – please do not adopt.
    Pet insurance is a great way to make sure that you will be able to afford treatment in case they are sick. 
  • Training. RSPCA and other groups runs puppy schools. It is really important to train your pet to make sure they don’t get into trouble. Even if it is just basic commands like “come”, “sit”, “stay”.


Here are some before and after pictures of Hooch and a few other lucky strays. Many people are sending me photos of their animals before and after they have saved them. Thank you to Petoftheday.com, dogforum, hope-rescue and everyone who rescued and sent me photos.
If you would like to see more about each animal, click on the ‘show thumbnails’ and choose the animal you are interested in.