My name is Dean Morris, I am 14 years old and I created GOSAC to raise awareness and donations to animal shelters and pounds. Click here to read more about me.
GOSAC is here to help strays and rescue them. 

Gosac Day 12th of May 2018 – How did it go?

GOSAC DAY was an amazing success!!
Thank you so much to SAFE Perth – Saving Perth Animals from Euthanasia volunteers who worked hard throughout the day, my awesome friends who were there to help out and to support, all the businesses who donated and everyone who came to be a part of my effort to make a difference and save strays.
We raised $1738.90, a huge amount of items, we received many foster application forms and most importantly we received many applications for adoption. 
I will be calling the raffle winners and will send out the prizes or deliver them.
Here is a video with some photos from GOSAC DAY

K9 Rescue Adoption Day

I raised $115.30 for the stray dogs. 
Best news of all… 7!!! dogs were adopted today. 
It means 7 dogs are going to sleep in happy loving homes tonight but it also means that another 6 dogs can be saved from the pounds. Great day!!


This is the second year that the Butler family has been raising donations during the holidays for GOSAC. To see how much they have raised – click here

GOSAC posters on a bin near you

Natsales Advertising has donated advertising spots around Perth for GOSAC and printed *amazing* posters. 
GOSAC will be raising awareness of rescuing animals and donating to animal shelters all around Perth.
Check out Courtney from Natsales Advertising, a little furry friend and me at one of the locations

HUGE success at the Kelmscott show
View the results here

Watch My GOSAC campaign journey


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